Chest Tube Tips
I’ve written a lot about chest tubes, but there’s actually a lot to know. And a fair amount of misinformation as well. Here’s some info you need to be familiar with:
Chest trauma generally means there is some blood in the chest. This has some bearing on which size chest tube you choose. Never assume that there is only pneumothorax based on the chest xray. Clot will plug up small tubes.
Chest tubes for trauma only come in two sizes: big (36Fr) and bigger (40Fr). Only these large sizes have a chance in evacuating most of the clot from the pleural space. The only time you should consider a smaller tube, or a pigtail type catheter, is if you know for a fact that there is no blood in the chest. The only way to tell this is with chest CT, which you should not be getting for diagnosis of ordinary chest trauma.
When inserting the tube, you have no control of the location the tube goes once you release the instrument used to place it. Some people believe they can direct a tube anteriorly, posteriorly, or anywhere they want. They can’t, and it’s not important (see next tip).
Specific tube placement is not important, as long as it goes in the pleural space. Some believe that posterior placement is best for hemothorax, and anterior placement for pneumothorax. It doesn’t really matter because the laws of physics make sure that everything gets sucked out of the chest regardless of position except for things too big to fit in the tube (e.g. the lung).
Tunneling the tube tract over a rib is not necessary in most people. In general, we have enough fat on our chest to ensure that the tract will close up immediately when the tube is pulled. A nicely placed dressing is your insurance policy.
Adhere to an organized tube management protocol to reduce complications and the time the tube is in the chest.
And finally, amaze your friends! The French system used to size chest tubes is the diameter of the tube in millimeters times three. So a 40Fr chest tube has a diameter of 13.3mm.
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The nicest thing a patient can say to you





Whats your take on this fellow nurses?

I’m fine with it. Doesn’t bother me. I always violate the “visiting hours” policy- I really don’t care if someone wants to come see you after 8. I don’t care if you want your whole family in the room with you. I’ve done gymnastics stepping over a family of 8 with the 5 non-sick children sleeping on the floor. I honestly don’t even care if your boyfriend wants to sleep in the bed with you either, but I know many nurses who draw the line there. I’m used to parents sleeping in bed with their kids, so it’s not hard for me to extend the line a little, as long as I can still take care of my patient. What makes you comfortable and happy is up to you, as long as it’s not hurting anybody. 
I understand, however, that an ED or ICU environment is a lot different. Most of my patients are very stable and it’s not a big deal (or it shouldn’t be- but I’m not one to follow the rules just because they’re rules). 
THE ONLY THING I DO NOT ALLOW: co-sleeping with infants. Not gonna happen. You have to sign a damn waiver and I will very carefully explain the risks and dangers to you. I have taken a baby from a mom and put him back in the bassinet when she refused to sign the waiver. There will be no SIDS-ing on my watch. 

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Ectopia cordis

It’s a congenital malformation in which the heart is abnormally located either partially or totally outside of the thorax. The ectopic heart can be found along a spectrum of anatomical locations, including the neck, chest, or abdomen. In most cases, the heart protrudes outside the chest through a split sternum